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Justin is the "plumb" + Lori is the "fig".

Working together has always been a dream of ours. So, when we renovated our first home in Lancaster City it confirmed that we not only loved transforming spaces, but we loved working on this creative process together!

Justin loves anything to do with the great outdoors, a good cup of coffee (or three) in the morning, and real estate. He has over 12 years of experience as a realtor with Keller Williams and has a knack for precision (thus the “plumb” line reference).

Lori loves learning, traveling, coffee shop life, and finding ways to cultivate community, growth, and beauty.  Sometimes the simple things in life, like a piece of fruit (or fig!) are the most inspiring.

We believe that hard work and precision, mixed with passion, dreams and good design are essential.

We take that approach with the spaces we transform and are passionate about making a space into a home. We can't wait to connect with you about your dreams.

Justin and Lori

" Good design isn't just applying today's colors to a space, it's about engaging with a client and learning their style so when they walk in it feels like 'home' defined." 

Lori Oberholtzer

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